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All Toughbook & Toughpad sales come standard with free ground shipping to anywhere in the continental US.

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No hidden or costly fees before, during or after checkout. The price you see is the price you pay.

Lifetime Support

Receive complimentary lifetime support via email, chat, help docs, and our YouTube channel.

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No Hidden Fees


Free Shipping & Handling

For all Toughbook purchases.

Technical Support for Life

Yep. For life.

Toughbooks include Windows 10 Pro

For free.

Years of Expertise

Tough Outlet has decades of combined experience in the Panasonic Toughbook market. From small towns to major cities we know the unique circumstances your purchase may need and are prepared to provide the product perfect for you

In House Technicians

Our upgrades, customizations and quality assurance are run in house. Meaning you aren't getting something dropshipped from a random warehouse from a company you didn't purchase from. We check and ship everything to ensure consistency and reliability

Windows 10 Professional

Windows 7 is no longer being updated or supported by Microsoft. We know you need a secure and up to date operating system so our units come preinstalled with Windows 10 Professional at no extra charge

Simple, Quick Quotes

We understand your time is valuable so we send you simple, easy to read quotes just minutes after you request them. Pay quickly through our checkout or give us a call to complete your order

Up to 3 Year Warranty

We offer up to 3 years of coverage for your purchase. What does that cover? Our extensive documentation here can answer everything you need to know (as well as give you some tips for your new purchase)

Lifetime Support

Tough Outlet stands behind every product we sell by providing access to our technical experts on all your purchases for as long as you own them

What is a “refurbished” laptop?

Refurbished laptops and tablets, also commonly referred to as “renewed,” “remanufactured” or “re-certified,” are previously used laptops that are reconditioned to look and perform as close to a new model as possible.

What makes our Toughbooks and Toughpads so special? We refurbish all of our laptops and tablets in our own refurbishing facility. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t purchase “refurbished” computers from third party vendors who don’t meet our quality standards and just resell them. Our refurbishing process is performed by highly trained technicians who put our products through a detailed and rigorous testing procedure before leaving our facility.

What are the benefits of buying refurbished?

The biggest advantage of purchasing a refurbished laptop or tablet is price. Your savings compared to the cost of a new laptop or tablet can be substantial. Savings can range anywhere from 30 to 90 percent compared to a comparable previous generation or previous like-modeled laptop or tablet. Even buying an older model and enhancing its performance by maximizing your RAM and adding a fast Solid State Drive (SSD) can result in a well performing computer for a fraction of the cost of its newer counterpart.

What about a warranty?

All of our refurbished laptops and tablets come with a warranty and also have an extended warranty at additional cost available. Please visit the page of the specific item you are interested in to see what warranties are available.

What is the process of refurbishing a laptop or tablet?

Any refurbished laptop or tablet that you purchase from Tough Outlet goes through a rigorous refurbishing process.

When your order is received, one of our highly trained technicians searches through our large inventory of laptops and tablets to find the exact model that you ordered. The first step is to run an extensive diagnostic program to insure that all hardware is working properly. After that it’s off to cleaners who thoroughly clean and sanitize your laptop. Once, your laptop or tablet is shiny and clean it goes back to the technician who then adds any optional items like RAM and hard drive upgrades while also conducting any necessary repairs.

After that, your operating system is installed and tested and when completed your product is sent to our quality control department to be checked one more time before handing it off to our shipping department.

As you can see, there is a lot to do, but by refurbishing our own laptops and tablets we can control and insure the quality of our products instead of relying on third party vendors.

Are our laptops and tablets “re-certified?”

Generally when you see the term “re-certified” it refers to a product that has been refurbished by the manufacturer. In regards to Toughbooks and Toughpads, the manufacturer does not sell used or refurbished laptops or tablets so none of their products are available as “re-certified.” Some of our competitors may label their products as “re-certified” but you might want to ask them who certified them since the manufacturer does not sell or resell such products.

Our Mission

Trust and transparency are important to us.

At our core has decades of experience with Panasonic Toughbooks and Toughpads.

Our highly skilled technicians have honed their skills through our extensive refurbishing process with many literally refurbishing thousands of Toughbooks and Toughpads giving them a skill set second to none.

We don’t charge hidden “processing fees” and we do not sell your personal information. In fact, we offer free shipping, free support and are very open about our policies.

So what is our mission? It's simple: provide great service at affordable prices.

So who are you going to trust to buy or service your Toughbook or Toughpad?

Need more info? Here's some more documentaion:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the Toughbook / Toughpad include an AC adapter, battery, and Wi-Fi?

Unless otherwise stated, every Toughbook / Toughpad comes with an AC adapter, battery, and Wi-Fi capabilities.

What forms of payment does Tough Outlet accept?

We currently accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Purchase orders are available upon request, please contact us before purchase.

Does Tough Outlet sell new or refurbished product?

Both! Check out our homepage to find the product you need. If you need further assistance, give us a call, chat or fill out a Quick Quote form.

Does Tough Outlet price match?

We do! Bring a quote from one of our competitors and we'll beat it.

Does Tough Outlet discount?

Yep! Discounts vary from product to product so fill out one of our Quick Quote forms, give us a call, or chat with us to see if what you need is eligible.

What about quantity discounts?

Definitely. Reach out and we'll be sure to give you an appropriate quantity discount.

What is the lead time on my purchase?

Lead time has many factors involved and changes almost daily. For New product, it depends on availability (please reach out before purchase for the most up to date availability). For Refurbished product, because every purchase is built-to-order due to the massive amount of possible configurations, we generally state it's between 7-14 days. If you need a product by a specific date and time, please let us know and we can make it happen.

What does Refurbished mean?

Refurbished means Tough Outlet has fully restored the product to like-new, working order. Sanitation, upgrades, and shipping are performed on-site to ensure the highest quality is maintained. We ensure that the ruggedness and the products original rating is not compromised by cracks, loose parts, or missing covers. Very minor, nearly invisible cosmetic scuffs/wear may show but the integrity of the machine is not compromised. Also, we are a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher which ensures you are receiving a legitimate version of Windows and you get an out of box experience as you would with a regular purchase.

What's the difference between Refurbished and New?

New means it was never used and shipped directly from the manufacturer. A refurbished product has previously been used but has been fully sanitized, diagnosed, and restored with Windows to working condition.

Does Tough Outlet sell outside the US?

As of right now we only sell to the US but we do make special exceptions. Please fill out a Quick Quote form to inquire.

Where can I read about the Tough Outlet policies?

Read all of our policies here.

I have a question you didn't answer.

Read more here.

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Summer Sale
Windows 10 Pro | 8GB RAM | 500GB Solid State Drive | 1 Year Warranty
Toughbook CF-31

13.1" Display

2.5GHz Intel Core i5

Fully Rugged

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Toughbook CF-52

15.4" Display

2.6GHz Intel Core i5

Semi Rugged

Configure & Buy
Toughbook CF-53

14" Display

2.6GHz Intel Core i5

Semi Rugged

Configure & Buy
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Toughbook FZ-55
Toughbook FZ-55


Quadcore Intel Core i5

32GB RAM (up to 64GB)

2TB NVME Solid State Drive

Optional xPaks

3 Year Panasonic Warranty